Kickin’ It

Hey all!

The past two weeks have been CRAZY. 

First my parents and brother came to visit. And then my best friend came to visit. 

And then the rest of the family–the extended family–came to visit. 

Why all these visitors, you ask?



You’re prolly all like, “Psh, that ain’t a lot of people.” You’re right, it’s not! That’s because this is only one fifth of the family that attended the luau! There were actually over 80 people there. 


Mhm. This is the fruit of a year’s worth of planning. There was amazing Hawaiian food, cooking demonstrations, family history stories, Hawaiian music, hula dancing, and lots and lots of forgetting how you’re related to this auntie and that uncle. 


One of the aunties made all the dessert: four pies and four cheesecakes. OMG they’re incredible. I had the mango pie, since mango is my absolute favorite thing EVER. 



Feast your eyes and be jealous. And keep in mind there were seven more. 

So… because of all the prep for the party, visiting with my family and bestie, and also trying to keep up with studying (I had an exam the Monday after the party… ew.), I haven’t had time to do anything else! BUT, I have been working on some projects, one of which is…




Fresh Kicks!

I think I did alright with them ^_^ Maybe I’m biased, though…

All I did was buy a cheap pair of white canvas shoes from K-Mart, buy a couple colors of paint from the craft store, think of a design, and paint! The coolest thing about these types of simple projects is that you can do whatever you want–whatever design, whatever colors, whatever kind of shoes. It was nice to let my imagination run wild!

Some tips if you plan to paint shoes, bags, clothes, or anything:

1. For poor college students like me, you can buy regular acrylic paints instead of the special fabric paints that cost a couple fingers. You don’t even have to mix the acrylics with anything–just be sure to heat set it afterward: blow dry on HIGH HEAT for a couple minutes after dried or iron for 20 seconds or so. This way you can wash your project without having all the paint come off!

2. Use Painter’s Tape to create straight edges or shapes and to protect other areas from getting painted. Trust me, Painter’s Tape is a lifesaver. 

3. Use brushes that aren’t old and falling apart. Seems simple, but I thought I could get by. -_____- Nope. 

4. Take time to really think about your design. A half-baked design ain’t gonna impress anybody, ya hurr?

5. Don’t be sloppy with your painting. I was, and some accidentally painted white spots and smudged colors will forever remind me of my laziness. Don’t be like me. 

6. Don’t ever limit your imagination. When I started out, I thought I’d leave the middle part white and paint all the trim aqua. But when I got to that point, I changed my mind and thought that the triangles would look better. Don’t ever stick to a set design if you think of something you like more!

With those in mind, grab some canvas something and start creating!


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